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I used to love shopping for clothes. Now I can´t get myself to walk into a store. It makes me depressed and stressed and I make all kinds of excuses if I find myself close to one.
The dog ate my credit card” or “Hasn´t my stomach been acting funny today? I should head straight home” I tell myself, or simply: “ I´m broke”
But even though I wear my clothes untill the literally fall into pieces,  every now and then I have to buy something to cover my hiney and it´s during those desperate moments I fall even deeper in love with the internet.

This winter I´ve found some great bargains at the Swedish ebay site, . People sell everything there, and especially clothes, even some that´s never been worn (not that I care).

Not only do I want to thank the internet but also all you fashion-oriented-bitches out there (in my size) with closets that don´t fit your needs, who posts items for sale online for me to buy for a great price without leaving my house. I freaking love ya´

The zebra zip jacket  above is one of my finds. It was only 35SEK.
That´s what you pay for a coffee out on the town.




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December 10, 2015 at 11:07

Nice jacket and great pic!
I just love your blog!
Greets, Kama

Jenny Brandt
December 10, 2015 at 18:16
– In reply to: Kama

Thanks Kama!