Spicing up lazy days with binge watching

We had a full house here during Christmas and when the family left on Sunday we got very lazy. And stayed in the sofa for two days. Only to go to our new window for this view and than back to the couch.

First we watched 10 eps of Netflix Making a murderer. After Serial last year (I haven’t started to listen to the second series yet – have you?) This is kind of a similar thing but in tv-form. Steven Avery on the image above was wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for 18 years before new evidence set him free. Once he is free he files a lawsuit towards the state because of his 18 years behind bars and then strange things happens. I really recommend you to watch this one.
The first episode is also available on YouTube

And then today I’ve been feeling sick and watched the two seasons of a Swedish series called Fröken Frimans krig. It’s a real gem of a series and I think all Swedes should watch. The actors are fantastic! And the scenography lovely. But this series is also important since it shows the Womens liberation in Sweden in the beginning of 1900! I got so exited about all of this and so angry and thankful!!

Fröken Friman is not a real character  but she is apparently loosely based on Anna Whitlock who started mix gender schools and the first female corporation food store Svenska Hem. Read more about it here.  She was also one of the leading ladies behind the organizations for Womens right to vote in Sweden.
The series two seasons is now on SVT Play.

Girl power yeah!