Olafur at Moderna

I didn’t know a thing about Olafur Eliasson before going to the museum Moderna yesterday. I’ve seen lots of images on Instagram and saw that it was colorful but not much more.

I did however really like it – we all did! So many cool things, details, colors and feelings came up.

 The kids mostly makes it clear how they not wanna go to an exhibition but then enjoy the big rooms to run around in and new experiences. But naturally they’ll forget it until the next time.

One room had this crazy weird yellow lights- everybody looked like zombies. And it felt like it suddenly was quiet in the room. The light made the air stiller.

Here I want to scream:

-Who are you and what have you done to my family?

This labyrinth of huge color filters was also stunning. Oh I liked this show!

You can catch it until January 17 2016 at Moderna Museet in Stockholm.

I would love to have these huge glass balls – like giant prisms between rooms at home. Amazing!




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