Link Love on a Monday

Dancing on top of a roof! How beautiful! Being on a roof always feel like freedom.
This dance during 100 years in London was also cool.


Teddy Girls – the subculture that time forgot by Another Mag is also a cool read.
Photo by Ken Russel

Being called a real Pipi Longstocking I take as a great compliment!
Stefanie Luxat who runs the German blog did an interview with me a couple of weeks ago. My answers are in English and if you are interested here comes her questions in English as well. So you can read the questions here and my answers over there…

1.) I know lots of interior designers and stylists but I’ve never seen the work like yours and felt such a freedom, creativity and fun in life in it. It seems as if you aren’t afraid of anything (experimenting, color, deco items…) – is that true? How did you become so free? Any advice for everyone who would love to be this free as well? And what do you do if you have a bad day but have to come up with fun ideas?

2.) I guess that not every client is as creative as you are. How do you convince them to experiment and find their own style and try something new and brave? For example the apartment you styled for sale from which we show the pictures here – did the owner understand your ideas from the beginning? Why it would just be such an impact for the sale to style it like this? If that would be my apartment I would have wanted to stay after that fantastic styling… How did the owners react?

3.) Would you mind telling us some of your best tricks how to turn any home with simple tricks into a happy home? What works always? Colors? Fun items…? To not be afraid because you can change anything back if you don’t like it?  If this was your job/briefing – to turn a home into a happy home how would you start?

4.) Most of the creative people I know use Pinterest, Blogs, (Wes Anderson) films and magazines and art exhibitions for their inspiration these days – where do you get new ideas and inspired?

Onion tears by Rose-Lynn Fischer
Rose Lynn has done artwork of looking at different sorts of tears in a microscope. How cool is that!?



The last message recieved
A project by 15 year old Emily Trunko. It’s the last message you received from ex-friends or ex-significant others, as well as from deceased friends, significant others, and relatives.
She also started DEar My Blank. Where you can submit letter that never will be send.
I just can’t stop reading!
Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 11.41.28 AM


Other good reads/tips:

The mixed up brothers of Bogota from the NYtimes. A crazy story of two pairs of twin brothers that got mixed up at birth and how they came to realize this. But also interesting about genes. Is it our Dna or our upbringing that has an impact on what we become?

Låt konstnärerna sköta flyktingmottagandet av Madelaine Levy i SVD.

Gå och se filmen  – Tsatsiki, Farsan och olivkriget. / A Swedish movie for kids
Om du har barn från typ 8 och upp. Det är fint med en film där man få se en schysst vanlig kille i den åldern. Som är lite feg ibland, som bli kär, som är en grym kompis och att hela gänget kämpar ihop. Ballt. Alla böcker i serien ska tydligen också vara jättebra. Nu i höstas kom det ut två ny delar och de första 5 böckerna har blivit uppdaterade. Sweet!