I got my prescription glasses online – Firmoo


My dad ran over my glasses with the lawn mower.
I´m solely the one to blame though, I´d left them in the grass after a day of sun bathing and they were impossible to detect in the tall grass.
They were pretty beaten up, but I learned that if I pinned them really hard to my nose they didn´t look that crooked and I got used to the scratches after a while.

This was a few years back and my eye sight has gotten worse since and I need glasses pretty much all the time , so when Firmoo, an online optical store, contacted me and asked if I could review a pair of glasses I happily excepted.


As you now I´m not too keen on leaving my house so my shopping is either done from the ice cream truck or online.
I did not realize buying prescritption glasses online actually worked.
This is how:
There are many frames to choose from and you can upload a picture of yourself to see what frames look sweet on you. I picked these. The site is really easy to use and once you´ve picked your frames you need to upload a copy of you prescrition. You also have to fill out the RX no. (Call your eye doctor if it dosen´t say on your prescritption).
Mine got delivered in just a week and not only do they look great on me they give me perfect vision.


So if you have a copy of you prescription and been meaning to get yourself a new pair of glasses – head over to Firmoo. Their glases are a bargain. Starting at 19 USD. (as a new costomer you get 15%off)
Now that I know it works for me, I´m buying these sunglasses and these as a spare pair.

PS: I recieved a pair of glasses free of charge from Firmoo, but as always all opinions are my own.