Happy installations by Friends With You

This made me so happy. Playful installations with lots of colors. Yay. Friends With You is a fine art collaboration between Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval that has been going on since 2002.

I found their work via Amuse and you can read a long great interview over there but what got to me was this question and answer:
When and why did you become fascinated with spreading love and happiness?
I felt like the world was such a cold place. People were becoming more and more disconnected from themselves and each other. It’s become normal to feel isolated. Overall, it seemed like there was a lack of spirituality for our generation. There’s no real sense of community anymore and as a man, being loving and cute seemed like an antidote to the isolation and consumption of negativity.

It’s so true i think that the whole society has become so negative. Focusing on bad stuff all the time. There are loads of great things happening as well! And that playfulness is good for creativity and for getting us out of our own sphere.


They have also been doing co-labs with Pharrell, Moncler, and will do another installation at upcoming Art Basel.

Found via Amuse

Friends With You – homepage.