Sunshine in Mordor


Hard sunlight coming though the windows today but oh so very welcoming from the last couple of days in a dark and cold Stockholm. I’m working from home and this is what I have around me.

My kitchen.  All the nooks and crannies of this room makes it so hard to get all the colors and things together in a way that works for my eye. I’m kind of picky but letting it take a while then I’m sure it’s gonna be ok!

The fireplace in dark grey I like alot. And the rusty spark prtection works well with the rusty fridge. I have to show you how I amde it rusty – it was fun!

And sweet Camilla from Littlephant treated me with this fantastic wallet in leather and a perfect 50′ green. Tahnk you – so sweet! They are doing so many great stuff. Check it out here!