Making it cozy with carpets


Lately I’ve had an obsession about finding carpets to our home. In our last home we didn’t have many but now I really feel for it again. Here are some snapshots from home. Above eating breakfast and watching tv all day. I got hooked on The 100 series. A kind of new take on Lord of the Flies with space, people they call groundlings & a radioactive world are involved! It has some sort of stupid missunderstandings due to missing the obvious points you know like in the movies when they’re not using cell phones to check up on people they rather run over half of manhattan or to the airport to stop someone… But it’s good entertainment.


I found this carpet at a little Moroccan store called Maroco Bazar not far from where I live. They have som cool stuff and just a fraction is on their homepage.
The carpet is really soft and cozy with great colors. And I really like the mix of techniques. These are just snapshots – I’ll do a better shoot soon!


And this little Kelim baby I found at Stockholms Auktionsverk. I just didn’t see how dirty it was online. I have to get it to the cleaners before using it. But the colors are great. Thats the worst about buying from auction houses online – it’s hard seeing in which condition things are. I bought stuff with woodworms in it and also pieces I thought was way bigger – haha. But it’s also fun!


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November 11, 2015 at 13:27

Älskar mattorna!