Environmentally good candles


Lighting candles seems like a must this time of year but if you look at the fact that if swedes would change to Svanenmärkta (Environmentaly good branded) candles it would be like pulling 15 000 cars /year of Swedish roads!  I read all this and some more over at the blog Husligheter. She gives great sustainability tips every Monday and last week was about candles. The trick is to buy candles made of stearic/candle-grease/stearin and not the ones with the same name but that is made of Paraffin instead. Paraffin is a leftover product from oil and is also carcinogenic when it burns.

I found Svanenmärkta colored candles at Indiska.

In Sweden you can buy good tea lights at Clas Ohlson and Blomsterlandet.

Read more at Husligheter!