4 x selfies and some more


I’m such a lousy blogger at the moment but the flu I’ve been having for like 8 weeks now won’t give way. I need to see a witch, do some kind of rain dance or something cause it drives me completely mad. And all the energy I have is kept to my family and to urgent jobs. I cant do much else…
But here comes some random stuff from past week.

The photo above is from 03.30 Sunday morning – feeling a bit zoolandish – posing after a great party!
I also got another ego boost via this interview over at (den superroliga bloggen som alla med barn läser eller hur?! -) Hormoner & Hemmorrojder – deras bloggrace intervju.


Such a great timing – me home with fever (no I haven’t been drinking here) and I got a gift from Grandpa! The store that I love. They are doing a new collaboration with Sätila – a Swedish manufacturer that has been making scarves & knitted stuff since the end of 1800! Thank you!


My cat has been keeping me company in my sofa-get better soon state of mind.


Then this thursday selfie from the cab going to the airport. I did a talk at a huge Paint shop in Malmö – Färgservice. Very nice. I met Pappa pastell there for the first time. So much fun meeting insta people IRL!


And Friday I spent all day at my dear Jenny’s house!


Wednesday – I had fever but got to that days office for soundcheck in the middle of the day.


And almost did in my pants of excitement and fright. It’s such a huge room – the blue room in Stockholm City Hall. But it was so much fun! I was hosting the gala – when the Swedish crafts men and women got their master certifikates. Gesäll- och Mästarbrevsutdelningen. I got so inspired!


This is not a selfie but a great image- I think. He’s with the band. Warming up