Some details from the colorful Beckers apartment


I just wanted to show some more details from the colorful apartment that I did a while ago.  images I found in my phone. These chairs are actually from the 60/70’s – Ikea EPOK but kind of a rip off  from the classic Thonet chairs. They where bought second hand and was white or more yellowish. We painted them in Beckers Citronmeliss – a dark green. Afterwards I sprinkled the chairs with more colors to get a rougher look.


These tables Stockholm from Ikea was also bought second hand and painted in chalk board color (skoltavelfärg) Beckers Mormor & Salvia.
Small gaming tables now – if you like. Otherwise just wipe it off… (Snuskisar – det ska ju bli KAKOR!)


I love the blue color in the master bedroom. It’s called Denim and is blue/grey but very warm. My image dosen’t really make it justice but a great color it is! This lamp is the bestest. From Åhlens but with an old lampshade.


The color is much better on this image – at least on my screen. Pillows from House of Rym and Littlephant.


This rug is from Ikea- Sinnerlig. That we painted dots on – with the color Aruba.


The table is also second hand- Norden from Ikea. A great big table! These images are from the preparation days. We painted this table in the color Nyponros and the pingpong net is expandable to whatever size and thickness your table has – so smart!


The basketball also got some colors. And the teepee is a box from Lagerhaus.

I like having birch inside – just put something underneath. It can give marks on the flooring. Rabbits from TGR



A friend of my fantastic assistant Elin – made crochet food for the kitchen. The hotdog is amazing. Tray from Lagerhaus.

And a movie from the day when the apartment was open to the public!