3 albums that I like. Mike Oldfield, Sally Oldfield and Henry Mancini

Good Morning! Today I´m treating you with 3 easy listening tips.
With Spotify, Youtube and Soundcloud it is easy to feel overwhelmed by all the choices you need to make only to listen to some music. How does one choose when you can listen to pretty much everything on the planet?
I think many just fall back on the same old stuff. I know this because I´m like that.

Here are 3 albums that I love and you might too.

They are all very diffrent but have a few things in common like:
They are all around their 40´s and have stood up to the test of time very nicely.
None of them have had any radio hits and they are all perfect as background music while you´re working.


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1. Mike Oldfield´s Tubular Bells
It´s a beautiful and mysterious album recorded by Mike Oldfield when he was only 19 years old. It has no vocals and perhaps that´s why you never hear any of the tracks on the radio. You will recognise many of the tunes though, they´ve been sampled frequently and both Twin Peaks and The Exorsist have used some of the moste chilling bits from this album.
You can find it on Youtube here and Spotify here

When is this good: When you´re daydreaming or driving far or making a complex plan that will change mankind.
People who probably like this: Carl Sagan. Wednesday Addams.  And the old guy who created Edwars Scissorhands.

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2.Henry Mancini´s The Return Of The Pink Panther
This movie was one of my favourits when I was a child so taking too the soundtrack as an adult was not hard.
But the well known theme song is the least interesting track of the album. (only ´cause it´s been played so much) Tracks like “So smooth” and “Here´s looking at you kid” are wonderful and the track “Belly Belly bum Bum” is very exciting.
Every track gives you a new mood, easy to imagin yourself in a new movie set for every track. All of a sudden you´re at a discotech and a few minutes later you´re taking a strole somewhere romantic.
Jens and I listen to it and make up stòries:
“Ahh here you´ve just checked into a skiing resort. You´re wearing a big fur hat and dressed in all white, caus it´s the 70´s”  To “The greatest gift

The record is sooo easy to like, smooth and soft on your skin and quite romantic.
You can find many of the songs on Youtube (see links above) and Spotify here.

When is this good: Any social gathering like a coctailparty. And when you´re taking a bath or just prancing around in the nude.
People who probably like this: Ellen Griswold. Sammy Davids Jr.

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3. Sally Oldfield´s Celebration

After listeing to the albums above with no vocals it´s time for a song bird.
And you can trust Sally Oldfield to prevail. Her voice is so dreamy and has me drawn in. And would fit perfectly sung in a curch. It´s poetic and spiritual.
This one can be tricky to find. I had no luck with Spotify but found most of the tracks on Youtube. Start out with Blue Water and here are a few more. This is the full list of the songs that are featured on Celebration.

When is this good: If you´re having a sad day, stuck in thoughts. If I was a fisherman I would bring this out to sea.
People who probably like this: Jules and Nic from the movie “The kids are alright”





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October 5, 2015 at 17:26

Mike Oldfield, ja. Hans Moonlight shadow var den första skivan jag köpte. Tror den var grön. Kort därefter köpte jag Flashdance. Sköna minnen.

Jenny Brandt
October 6, 2015 at 10:09

åå flashdance den är så härlig.

October 7, 2015 at 14:43

Another important fact about Tubular Bells is that it launched Virgin Records and Richard Branson’s career. I always found that fascinating.

Jenny Brandt
October 8, 2015 at 11:33
– In reply to: Gette

That´s very cool. Such a great album, I need to go start it again now.