Twin Peaks inspired interior. Tutorial how to paint a chevron floor

My sister Alexandra painted chevron stripes across the gustroom floor, inspired by her favorite show: Twin Peaks.
She says that she felt like quiting a few times, but as soon as she got through the measuring and the masking it was all quite nice and calming, sitting there doing the same motion with the brusch over and over again, while listening to the radio.
Also this DIY does not cost much except for your time spent.

Here is Alexandra ´s tutorial.
What you need besides paint:

Masking tape
Brusch and paint roller
Fold meter and ruler
Pencil and (probably) an eraser


1. Sand the floor and paint it white twice.

2. When it´s dry start to meassure and draw the lines using a pencil and fold metre. Do one line at a time- side to side. (Mine are 9 cm broad). This took a little time to figure out. So grab a snack and look at it for a while and figure out how this should look.


3. Tape the lines and paint every other field black. Use a small paint roller and a brusch. Let dry and repeate. Remove the tape right away after the second coat to prevent it from sticking.


If you´re a perfectionist you might want to go over everthing with a small brusch once you´re done, to take care of small errors. Alexandra says that she is sure there are tricks to this that she does not know about, she is not an expert but she really wanted to give it a try and she is very pleased with the result.


Here is the floor from an old post.


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PS2 You can see Alexandras wedding dress in the top picter, see her get married in Las Vegas in it here!


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