I don´t read I just look at pictures


As soon as I started to make my own money I started buying picture books. The heavy and glossy kind, by superstar photographers like Leibovitz and LaChapelle.
Very inspireing for a kid like me, who got mesmerized by portraits of celebrities and had her bedroom covered in denim ads.

Every page made me feel so many things, and still do to this day. Sometimes I get the same kind of buzz when a really good song comes on the radio, you know when you start dancing in the seat of your car.
Pictures don´t make me dance but shock me with how much they make me feel. BAAM. KA-POW!

Anyway. Jens bought me this book for my birthday: It´s Martin Schoeller´s “portraits”, that is both glossy, heavy and inspiring.
It´s a great gift for pretty much anyone who like portrait photography or pop culture. Scholler is one of the biggest names in photography and don´t need any presentation, but if this book had been around when I was a kid it would have been on my wishlist. Perhaps you know a kid like that?
His pictures are beeing shown at Fotografiska in Stockholm this fall. Go see them!

Until then here are some pages from the book



Is what my brain says when I look at this picture.


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