Artwork by Jens Grönberg Alternative title: living with Jens Grönberg



Here is the artwork for Siren Song that Jens recently made for Axtone Records.

It´s a label created by Superstar DJ ( I LOVE saying that phrase) Axwell and they are a big part of our buisness. If Jens is not thinking about the next cover he is... Jens is always thinking about the next cover that he is going to make. And I really try to remember to put clothes on before I enter the studio because there is always some Axtone person on skype joining us from London.

When the lable has decided on what track they are releasing next they´ll let Jens know, then he starts to listen to the song over and over again until he comes up with what the cover is going to look like. That also means that the rest of us in this Brandt/Grönberg family hears the song equally as much… At dinner, at night, in the morning through the closed bathroom door. The melody follows Jens around the house like the dust storm follows Pig pen. Usually when the work is done I´m so sick of the track that I need some time away from it (Googling “How To murder a song?”) But some of them lingers with me. This song is one of those, you can play it in the video below, and if you like it I also think you´ll like Falling by Discopolis.



Perhaps this track is better suited for Friday. Not as gloomy.  It´s Destination with Dubvision & Feenixpawl
Viola helped Jens with this cover. We photographed her in the forrest next to our house. (Krageholmsskogen) She plays the part so well… creeping around, being all determinded and mysterious.



This is also Viola, on the beach in Svarte for the cover of Starlight.

feelshapovvs shapov

The creative hard core fans of Axtone make their own versions of the covers all the time. Like these. The house music forums speculate in what track will be released next and then they try to design artwork that they think Jens would do. Often they send their work to Jens for a review. It´s so wild. They use lots of the elements that Jens uses for his artwork. Like kids being mezmerised by the sky,  people walking towards things, lots of purle and pink and blue, mysterious objects, nature and more kids. They use the same typo and the Axtone logo to make it look right.

If you want to know more about Jens´work with Axtone you can read more here.
Also the Axtone team has been filming his work process at our house this summer  so hopefully there will be lots more about it soon.

PS: We listen to music all the time. Here are two spotify lists that we´ve made for you! (No house)


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September 25, 2015 at 14:14

This is great! I just looove it!!!!
Great work!

September 25, 2015 at 20:36

I would frame “Destination” for sure!
Great record covers!