Out driving with Bruce


Nebraska is full of cornfields and fleamarkets. Today we visited some of both. (If you´re following me on the Instagram you already know this. If not- how rude! No just kidding. But for real you should @jennyfromdosfamily )
Another thing that this state has plenty off is radiostations. There are so many good songs playing I want to spend all my time in the car. (To help you visualize it- we´re driving an old maroon Cadillac while we ´re here).

Whenever you jump into the car and start zapping the channels you´ll find at least one Bruce Springsteen song playing, There is a lot of pop and country of course and a ton of channels that only play old classics like Tears for Fears, Peter Gabriel, Steely Dan, Kiss and Eric Clapton to name a few.

I especially enjoy listening to Bruce when I´m here. Because that´s what I imagin Nebraska sounded like , back in the 80´s when my siblings first moved here. I can see them: Anna with her big hair and stone washed  jeans and Sven in his Chevy Monte Carlo that he sawed the top off to turn it into a convertible.


Anyway this is what I thrifted today.


And this is what Viola found. Yikes!


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August 23, 2015 at 21:33

Åh Bruce på radion hela dagen lång… Och natten, förmodar jag! Passar kanske inte in perfekt i Nebraska, men om du hör Jersey girl, Jenny, så lova att nynna med åt mig – den har alltid varit min Bruce-favorit.

Och vilka fynd ni gjort – älskar Stallones svällande plastbiceps. Jahaja, då är det väl bara för Violen att börja buktala nu då. ;)


Maria Mary
August 25, 2015 at 11:39

Älskar Vs strumpor! Ta gärna med ett par st. till mig hem (tummen upp) psst…. glöm inte cowboyhatten