Crave, want, no maybe need…?


I saw this fantastic image on instagram of Linn Hägglund and my body went screaming for shopping. Maybe because I’ve always loved Rodebjers clothes  and I love this colors and dots. (Did you know I once registered a company with the name. Drumroll. Messy Dots AB – OMG so corny. –  I did change it after a week) Names have never been my strongest thing. But also seeing this image with her floating though that street so elegantly made me crave that too. After sitting here in the woods with old smelly clothes on for a month…
But this kaftan is SOLD OUT. NOOOOOooooooooooooo.
Anyone have any connections – let me know!






Well, the same print is in this dress and maybe it’s even a better style for me?



And it’s also in this dress style – the Candice, A Rodebjer classic – like my very chocking pink dress that I was wearing to the 2014 Elle Decoration Design Awards.