10 days off the webb. This is what I did instead.


We went to Turkey, to a little town called Gumusluk at the Bodrum peninsula. The wifi was crap everywhere- hallelujah! I so needed the time off. Just hanging with the family. We played a lot of Candy Crush. I mean candy crush Soda, so much better. It makes med want to eat more candy but it’s like my mind stops. I hate the game but still it’s some kind of weird meditation… Damn. Writing this I sound so stupid. We went to Turkey to play candy crush… But I also read five books, bbqued a lot and my little one leared how to swim.
Yes, & one day I swam 1000 meter and get ready for this: I got cramp in my Thumb!! How weird is that? I must have forgotten to keep it in place while swimming. I also got stung by a wasp and my toe got really swollen and then I fell down some stone steps while trying to take a selfie (ended up being one lousy photo). But we had a great time! (an look at this serene siblings bonding over playing games shot above)


Bodrum town with firece flags as Tyra would say!

I bought some hamam towels at the local market. Kind of regretting not buying more. And yes, got a question about them at instagram. I love them in summertime. Light to bring to the beach and wrap you self in a la Christo. But in wintertime at home, stepping out of a shower I do prefer a normal thick terrycloth!


Bodrum has apparently changed a lot over these last years. It was houses, hotels and new small gated communities pretty much everywhere. But in the middle of all things new sometimes you still got a glimpse of how life has been or is for many people. I would have loved to see more about it though.



Thank you Turkey for this time!



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