A bug on the blog



This is how my family looked this weekend when I asked them to pose for me.
Frank is not having it, Jens is looking stern and Viola is as always so relaxed. By the way, that´s her soccer outfit. She loves soccer and wants to go to practise even though it´s raining cats and dogs (like it did yesterday)
Also: I´ve had some problems with my blog server for the last couple of days. Hopefully everything should be back working as usual now. That´s why I haven´t been blogging as frequently as I usually do.


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June 4, 2015 at 00:26

Så fina de är, dina grabbar – fast de är motsträviga och småarga. Hihi. Och färgmatchar gör de också. Violen, alltid en fröjd för ögat. En fotbolls-viol. My kind of blomma!