Dos Visits Ebbe´s room – 13 decorating ideas to steal for your kid´s room


Who? This is Ebbe, 5 yrs old, in his room, playing a little tune for his sister Iris.
Where? They live in Malmö, Sweden with their parents Pär and Lovisa.
How? Take one cool kid with lots of thrifted toys add some neon stickers and paint the floors white. Throw in one handy parent that can build some nice storage and BAAM – There you have it: Ebbe´s room.
BONUS: 13 decorating ideas to steal for your kid´s room
PHOTO: By me, Jenny Brandt

Ebbe´s dad , Pär, is a carpenter that you´ve might of met in the world of instagram “Pappa Pastell” (@pearottosson). He is passionete about interior decorating and re-decorates his home freqently. His kids are lucky ´cause this decor-loving parent has a soft spot  for kid frendly living. In fact the whole apartment is full of bright pastells, toys and playful design.  I went to visit them and photographed their home and in this post I´m giving you a tour of Ebbe´s room.


I found so much inspiration in this room.  I´ve listed some of them here for you to steal.
jennyfromdosfamily-0301-31. Instead of buying wallpaper.
Perk up a wall with some ordinary office supply neon stickers. Instant upgrade at a very low cost.


Ebbe liks the dots he tells me. “But sometimes they peel off or… I peel them off , but that´s ok I can just add a new one”.   If only dots on T-shirts would work the same way.  jennyfromdosfamily-0321-2

2. Plan before you build.
If you´re building your storage from scratch make sure you measure the stuff thats going to be stored in there. Not only the boxes and crates, but also the toys. Especially the tall gals with long necks.


3. Raise your bed if you have limited space.
A bed takes up so much room. If you can raise it you´ll get lots of space underneath for storage or simply a nice hideout for the kids. Pär built this bed from a MDF building board and painted it white. The cloud is such a cute addition. Good job Pär!


4. Things that make them move.
Parents tend to worry about kids sitting still to much so add something that will inspire them to move. If there is s a skateboard in your kids room they are going to use it! Gymnastic rings are also great. Or a pilates ball instead of an office chair. jennyfromdosfamily-0280

5. Coffeetables make great tables in kidsroom.
Not only are they just the right height they are also very common at thrift stores and flea makets. Perfect for games, building with LEGO, reading, drawing… you name it.


6. Create a small but cozy reading nook in an unexpected place.
Here Pär made the bottom shelf bigger so it will fit Ebbe and a pillow. Decorated it with a string light.


7. Paint a wall or door in chalkboardpaint.
To me this never gets old. Black makes a great backdrop especially to a bright and colorful room like this one.jennyfromdosfamily-0320

8. Decorate with tape on boxes and storage.
To eliminate guessing when the kids are looking for their stuff.
9. Two shades instead of one.
Paint furniture in two different colors. Like the IKEA stool, BEKVÄM, in the picture.
10. Sleep like a princess.
Make mattress covers in diffrent fabrics to create a “The princess and the pea” effect for the bed.
11. One wall for every mood.
This room has 4 walls with 3 diffrent looks. I love the mix of chalkboardpaint, wallpaper and dots.


12.  Add a hat and fun will begin.
My kids have had so much fun with dressing-up-type of role play. They don´t need much and can go a long way with just one big hat.
13. Paint the inside of a book shelf.
Cause it looks nice and is only half the work.


Ebbe, is such a sweet and kind boy. He hung out with me during the shoot and made my working really easy. He had seen me in a picture before I came over and he had told his parents that “She looks cute”. When I met him in the morning he instantly told me he wants to become a cake baker when he grows up. But when I left he had changed his mind- when he grows up he wants to be a “picture taker”.
Cool beans!

Thank you for having me over.


I will show you more from their home soon.

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May 11, 2015 at 14:50

Love your arguments to painting only the insides :D

Jenny Brandt
May 11, 2015 at 14:54
– In reply to: Else

Else! So true, right !?

May 12, 2015 at 14:11

I love this! So much fun with lots of personality! I’ll be using some of these ideas for my son’s bedroom :) Thank you!

Jenny Brandt
May 12, 2015 at 14:32
– In reply to: Mel

Oh fun.
Im glad to hear that Mel!

May 18, 2015 at 10:57

Vilket fantastiskt rum! Så mycke inspiration att ta med sig, enkla ting och inte så dyra. Grymt bra blogginlägg.

Jenny Brandt
May 19, 2015 at 13:21
– In reply to: Ellen

Hej Ellen och tack!

Kul att höra!