Viola is Justin Bieber


I am Justin Bieber.
Viola went to a birthday party with a Red Carpet-theme. She looked through her wordrobe and decided that Justin Bieber would be a fairly easy transformation.
With a little hair gele, some tattoos by Jens and some Bieber-attitude she was all set.



Her aunt and grandmother came over just as she was leaving for the party and everyone felt the need to Instagram this little Bieber.


Jens did a great job with the tattoo, as usual. Remeber when Viola was a sailor? 8B7B4437

These kind of projects are the best. It´s always very last minute at our house and we all chip in to make it work. The process of taking what ever we have and turning it into something without spending any money is very satisfying. Viola has proven to be very resourceful and has a flexible and playfull mind. She´s not even a Beliber, in fact it´s very popular right now to not like Bieber at her school (haters gonna hate, right?). But that kind of mindset only spurs her along.

Cool beans!



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April 9, 2015 at 11:50

Nu svär jag, men hälsa Viola att hon fanimej tillhör mina idoler!

June 1, 2015 at 01:59

that’s so great! ;D