Swords from scrap wood


With all the construction that has taken place at our house lately we´ve been left with a lot of scrap wood. Perfect for small project with the kids. I made a bunch of swords with Frank and his friend Nelly today.


Most of the leftover wood gets burnt in our fireplace, and even though it burns quick it will take forever before it´s all gone.


Here is the reason for all the leftover wood. Making the floor look like this takes a lot of clipping and re-clipping.


Frank wanted a nice soft handle so we started taping and ended up covering the whole thing.     dosfamily-shinysword

The tape reflected the sun so magaically. The kids pretended they were knights that fought side by side with transformers.




Jens got involved and painted some of the swords with sharpie oens.


During this event Nelly´s Frost dolls sang “Let it go” over and over again to us. Amazed by those batteries, they seem to never ever run out.




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