Frank, robotic dogs and a video that makes me smile

As some of you already know my son Frank suffered an aneurysm when he was in my belly. This has left him with limited use over his limbs on the right side of his body. He is such a little trooper and has developed his own way of doing things, like running and carrying stuff. Just recently he started taking riding lessons and he has even learned how to swim, under water like a cute seal, but still he IS swimming, something we never ever even dared to dream of when he was born and the doctors told us about all the basic things he would probably never do: like walk or go to a regular school.

Frank´s lucky in many ways, his problems have turned out to be a lot more mild than everyone first thought, and he has an exctremly dedicated  and stubborn father, who never seems to quit. Also Frank is born into this awesome time , with all these cool things going on like Robotic Dogs, Selfie sticks, 3D printed clothes and it feels like we are infact living in the future (the kind of future we learned about in 80´s movies).

Another thing that makes me happy is this darling video.