Action Bronson


I need to show you rapper “Action Bronson´s”  fun and stimulating videos, incase anyone has missed them. If you have the slightest interest in larger-than life personalities, unpredictable pop culture, Eddie Murphy´s “Coming to America”, or Lady Gaga-like attitudes I´m sure this guy will entertain you. He is already an established rapper and I know I´m very late- finding out about him. But now that I do know I can’t keep quiet. I have to show my appreciations for the way he chooses to do his thing by sharing his music with you life style-blog-readers.

His album “Mr Wonderful” was just released and I´m hoping that every track will get it´s own video. Fingers crossed.

Drive the Harley into the sunset…
Action Bronson´s  Easy Rider.


Some green screen magic in
Action Bronson´s  Actin Crazy.


If you know this costume- you´ll like this video.
Action Bronson´s Baby Blue