Random from #isabelleflyttar – Isabelle moves

Yes I’ve moved houses! You can follow it all on Instagram #isabelleflyttar It’s been a hectic couple of weeks. I had two weeks before moving in and now we’re living in a mess but a fun one. Except that my oldest daughter is ill with a flu & high fever that never ends. I will tell you all about my renovation soon but here are some details.


These are some details for my new kitchen. The tap – Grotesco from Tapwell, Tiles from Marrakesh design, handles from Leva Husfabrik , a vintage flower lamp from Belgium and the blue is the color of my kitchen cabinets – I’ve ordered a ecological kitchen from Puusteli Miinus that I have high hopes for!


These walls had a kind of woven armouring fabric kind of wallpaper that is so damn ugly. Something you used to put up in all the hospitals and schools in Sweden. So I took in Therese from Marteleur Måleri to help me broad spackle it all. I’m lousy at it so I got some help. therese I found via my scholarship for handy women isabellestipendiet.se and she’s a great painter if you need one around Stockholm.


Downstairs we removed an old vinyl flooring and found wood underneath. Some boards was beyond repair so we had to change them (you see two of them higher in this pic) but it was so worth it! This is before we treated it all and made the floors a bit more grey.


We have been without a kitchen for 10 days now. This is our very modern fridge.


The corner we’re the kitchen will be. So much planning in making it all right.
Until I can post more about this – check my instagram @isabellemcallister if you are as curious as I am about my own house ;-)



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February 18, 2015 at 23:51

Haha, Had a fridge like this in my “student apartment” and don’t ask how many times my breakfast ended up on the street. Hehe.
I am eagerly waiting for the outcome of this renovation :) So curious.


February 23, 2015 at 01:42

Please, take care of the kitty. Some like too much heights. I’m an expert since my two cats survived several fallings from windows and terraces.