Nebraska in pictures part 5 we went to the arcade


As you´ve noticed I´m trying to catch up on all the blogging that I should have done during our trip here. I know that if I don´t post it now when we are still here it wont be done when I get back. So hang in there – it will be intense =)
The Nebraska weather is know for it´s dramatic changes. During our 3 weeks here we´ve had hard rain, snow and spring-like weather that has let us run around outside in our t shirts. It changes fast. There is a saying that goes something like this: “When in Nebraska – if you don´t like the weather – wait another ten minutes”


1. House hunting with Jens. 2. Spongebob 3. Going to the store for some glögg and ginger bread cookies. (Yes you can get those Swedish christmas treats here) 4. Wildlife in Nebraska.



It’s never too early to teach your kids about gambling!

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We took all the kids to the arcade one day. Jens made a little video of it.


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