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I know it´s not even throwback Thursday today but I found this adorable picture on my desktop that I need to talk about. It´s of me and my sisters hanging out at our mom´s house. It makes me thinking back at the best summer ever: The summer of 2014!
It was warm and sunny and I even got a tan. My sister was here visiting from Nebraska. Jens and I had the whole summer off together and except for a few outbreaks of lice things were pretty much perfect.

Also this was when I decided to get over my fear (not fear really more like swimming laziness) of water and I ended up spending more time in a bikini than in any other outfits (mostly because I used it as my underwear all summer- true story, and we did not do a lot of laundering).

I did so much swimming I was practically always “on my way to the beach“. My hair was constantly messy, my nail polish chipped and there was always sand between my toes.


During this time of leisure this song was my soundtrack. If I wasn’t playing it in the car it was on a loop in my head.

“The Swimming Song” by Loudon Wainwright III


You can read more about my transformation in this post.


BONUS: If you like the song above I´m guessing you´ll like this one as well Judee Sill – “Jesus was a crossmaker” 

From this post about our work ethics

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January 13, 2015 at 21:00

Thank you for sharing your happiness! What a warm post!
Have a nice day,