Formex Fair


Last week it was the Formex Fair in Stockholm – where they show all new small interior stuff. This was from the opening exhibition that Saša Antić and Niklas Hansen had beautifully put up together.  I just had an hour to get around – had some meetings out there and these images are some snaps from things that caught my eye.


I enjoyed the colors at Matteus Ceramics


And this hand carved table from India is one of the most beautiful things I ever seen. Found at Olsson & Jenssen. That I think crazy talented stylist Marie Olsson Nylander bought.


My friend Ann Söderlunds husband started this brand with freshly made circus lamps – called Cirkuslampan. They produce the lamps in Sweden- great idea- always loved lamps like this!



Littlephant and Camilla Lundsten was so crazy bizzy I couldn’t get a decent shot of her monter or her. ( She always looks like a stylish Bonbon) But they have started to do wallets and stuff in leather. Like em a lot!


Men at works has been very successful with their city trivets but I think that the one bottom left is truly a trivet for me!



Afro art’s fabrics and stuff never get old. Love the brightness and the authentic feel!


There was loads and loads and loads of fabric this year- maybe always is but this year it felt like much more.


More elaborate things about Formex you can find at Husligheter and elsas blogg