Back home from a week in the sun


I´m back home in Sweden after one week on the sunny island Gran Canaria. We went there with some of our friends to celebrate Jens 40th birthday. It was really nice up until Viola got food poisoning. She was sick for 4 days and I´ve never seen her in such bad shape. It was terrible.

She handled being sick so much better than I would have and took it like a trooper. She is such a bad ass. On the last day, when she was feeling better I treated her to a shopping spree in Las Palmas.
What does Viola shop for if mom is paying you ask? Some Lotion and lipbalm from The Body Shop. Clothes at H&M, Body Mist from Victoria Secret (She that´s how bad I felt for her). Gifts for Frank and Jens. And a new gym bag and a pair of black Converses.