Nebraska in Pictures part 4


Every morning when the kids has come down the stairs the pile of  Christmas gifts has gotten bigger. They´ve been so sweet and barely even wanted to touch the gifts scared they would figure out what was inside. Viola got what she wanted- a pair of purple (used) Dr. Martens and new headphones (Batman). Frank got Transformers and the foreman Frank (from the Lego movie). Above a picture from a typical morning here- Frank taking his time in the bathroom with the Ipad.

PS: Next year I´m investing in fabric gift bags (Jennifer´s Bag-All) instead of wrapping gifts in paper. Gathering all that waste on Christmas eve made me feel quite silly.  Never again.


1. Look at Jens. He fits right in. 2. Jens and his brother in law Spike took the kids to a indoor desert. The dome looks pretty cool. 3. They also went to an aquarium.  4. Viola and Missan the cat.


There is a full service gas station down the street from where we live. Isn’t that cute?


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