Nebraska in Pictures part 3 Viola´s candy free year



In this picture you are witnessing Viola´s first bite of candy for a whole year.
At her school it has become quite the trend to lay off candy for a long time. If you make it your parents (if they are up for the challenge) will reward you. Viola ended her candy free year on Christmas eve and oh boy she sure has been in a candy coma since then.
As a reward kids can get some pretty nice treats like money or a Wii and I´ve even heard about kids who have gotten their own Ipads for quitting candy. Viola got her reward in advanced- Saba the Cat. But now she is officially back in business- Watch out Willy Wonka!


1. Look at that flashlight on the library shelf. So nice looking.  2. We went to see some dinos at Murril Hall in Lincoln. 3. Viola found the cutest little chimp there. 4. Viols with rasberries on her finger tips.


Look at this fun product – Ugly Sweater cookie kit.


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December 31, 2014 at 18:45

Å vad jag älskar dina uppdateringar från USA! Drömmer mig bort, en dag tar jag familjen med och upplever det på plats. Bästa bloggen!