Nebraska in pictures part 2- Viola and her friends


Viola just got back from my brother´s house. She has been saying good bye to her friends and cousins there. And she is a wreck, she has been crying her eyes out.
“It was soooo sad saying good bye” she cries “I hugged them one by one and I was doing pretty good but then when I walked out the door and I saw them waving at me in the window I lost it. The tears came pouring down and I just could not stop crying”

Me and my siblings have been doing the same thing all our lives. Saying good bye and sobbing like crazy, not knowing how long it will be until we see each other again. And even though we usually do see each other every year it is still a hard habit to break. Frankly it is just pretty darn heart breaking being so far apart.


Anyway… Viola has made so many new friends here. Mostly the kids on the street where her cousin Hanna lives and she is having a hard time leaving both them and also the fun lifestyle she´s had during this trip. Hanging out in the neighborhood, playing tag and basketball, drinking coke and feeling like you are part of an American movie. (Cousin Hanna in her Totoro suit and Viola above)


And her English has gone from good to awesome during this trip. “Some words are still so confusing though” she tells me “Like how do I know if I should use ‘either’ or ‘neither’ in a sentence? And I always mix up the words ‘airbag’ and ‘douchebag'”.


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Lena K.
January 2, 2015 at 09:45

I think Viola’s on to something: she could start a new trend where “airbag” becomes THE new word for “douchebag,” love it!

Thanks, as always, for sharing your photos from your stay in the USA. I always enjoy seeing which people, products, and places strike your fancy. I can really relate to your sentiment above because I just said good-bye to a brother (and some new acquaintances) after having spent two wonderful weeks together in China. We’re not sure when or where we’ll see each other next but, fortunately, I can console myself by catching up on your many recent posts here at DosFamily. ;-)

Happy New Year!