Out and about with Jenny


People who know me know that I try to stay at home (above) as much as possible. But lately work has taken me to quite a few fun places.
Come along and let me show you.


Sydsvenskan is a Swedish daily news paper. Their interior photographer is on vacation and I´ve been asked to fill in for him. I really like their layed back- type of photography style and I´m happy they asked me to help out during this fall. In a few weeks my photographs will be in their Sunday- Home- section all through November and December.  Above I´m in one of the homes I shoot for them where i met Chucky.


and here I´m brushing my teeth with Instagram poet Motvallskarring


Skåneleden booked me to shoot 25 of their hiking trails. This means I´ve been enjoying the great outdoors quite a lot the past months.

Here I´m trying to find the right trail for my mother and I to hike and photograph. Later I met a kid in the woods who had been camping there with his dad. He told me that they had heard a fox outside their tent at night and then he told me he could sound exactly like it and then he did.


Here I´m cuddling with a pig I met while photographing for the local tourist department.


I´ve visited many local sights for them but this place, above,  is my favorite, where I got to meet these awesome Viking women. I got to spend a day with them at Trelleborgen in Trelleborg where they work. They know all about how the vikings used to live, they can teach you how to shoot a bow and they can survive in the wilderness for months. I loved them and will take my kids there next summer.


That´s it for now.
PS.Yesterday the sunset was this pretty at our village.

have a nice weekend.



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November 14, 2014 at 12:20

underbart! vad kul med såna olika slags uppdrag, och vad fint att du kunde ta med dig mamma <3

p.s. vi hade fyra rävar som höll oss vakna på vår gata i förrgår natt. vi såg dem som rävungar i våras och det var fint att se dem igen – även om de pratade alldeles för högt ;)

Isabelle McAllister
November 14, 2014 at 13:08

Måste få träffa Doris snart!

November 14, 2014 at 17:42

Jenny, du träffar då jämt en sådan massa intressant folk – din coola mamma och Chucky liksom. *A-V-U-N-D-S-J-U-K*

Och så är jag superavis på att du har fått vara ute så mycket i naturen, känns som att jag suttit inne och häckat framför skärmar av olika slag hela månaden nu. Måste ut. Nu.

Förresten, himla fina bilder du fångat. Älskar, bland annat, hur Franks byxor matchar den motståndskraftiga rosen.


November 14, 2014 at 19:17

After staying indoors with a sick kid for a while and rainy days outside it was really nice to “go” to the countryside with you today! Love it.

Lena K.
November 17, 2014 at 16:35

Wow, it looks like you have been doing tons of cool projects these days. :-) (And that piglet is so cute!) I was in Skåne last Christmas but stayed mostly in Malmö (as well as went to Copenhagen.) The trip was great but, after seeing your photos of the various towns and nature, I really regret not having ventured into the countryside! One day…