Life sized girl sculpture bust


On a hot summer day I found myself standing in line for yet another fleamarket. My sister was visiting from Nebraska and she wanted to go to as many as possible. (we went from the beach to a fleamarket then back to beach -then fleamarket- food- beach. and so on) Her luggage was slowly but surely filling up with silver plates, Christmas decorations and everything else “Swedish”. She even bought a grandfather clock (taller then myself) – took it to pieces and packed it in her suitcase. (this sure beats everything I´ve ever hauled home in my suitcase from Nebraska)

So anyway… I found this girl sitting on a table surrounded by golden angels, ashtrays (!) and other knickknacks. The seller who was in charge of the table let me buy her for nearly noting.

Today I´m going to put a chalk stick in Jens hand and have him doodle on her.


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