An evening with Toca Boca


Imagine going to the home of a cartoon star. That what was my kids felt when we got invited to the Toca Boca teams office in central of Stockholm. I hope you played their games? Cause they’re great! Check them out right here.


I didn’t know anyone there but got an invite- come to our party and bring friends and family. So I took my crew with me. Even my hubby Erik came along.



The toca team really made a big effort of turning the office to a big playground. One open landscape was turned into a kind of small cardboard town. With cars. I’m so mad I didn’t bring a better camera. But look at these houses and the bird – all made of cardboard moving boxes! Excellent.


Another room was made into a big coloring room. You could paint on all the walls and on the big tables. All great ideas if you’re having a kids birthday party.


There was also one room just like the Toca Boca Hair Saloon. My friend Sofia got her hair did. The thing is it never came out not even after 4 times washing. Now her hair is like this. Still cool.


Oh this is like such a sponsored post but it’s not I’m just totally overwhelmed by the coolness of this company. I even asked if they didn’t sublet an office desk so that I could just hang out there a bit. Look they even sell merchandiser with the different characters .


I also like that they’re really into gender equality. And they just recently went over all their games and checked if they actually was 50-50 and then they went in and fixed what they thought was wrong. Bravo. Lego should learn from them.




The office even had pink walls – you know I felt right at home!


and a robot was in the kitchen. Please somebody pinch me!


The splashboard with prints taken from one of the games.


DElla’s making magic.


Popcorn and free tattoos. And thay had a photobooth with crazy hats. Love love love.


The kids totally trashed the party in the end. You can see a movie on my Instagram right here!

Thank you for having us!