Party as an energy boost


I used to be a nightwalker or more of a night dancer. Then probably with kids and meeting a non dancer of a man that kind of changed. When I was younger I was out clubbing like 5-6 times a week. Never on Saturdays and seldom at Fridays when the normal crowd would be out and everyone got too hammered. I’ve never been a drinker so most nights I was out just meeting people, dancing and having fun.


Sometimes when laying there with the family in the big couch at night clubbing feels so far away but I love it. Hard to beat the energy you get of a good party. While a bad party these days almost makes me angry of wasted time… Last Saturday was one of these epic nights out. First a dinner at a friends place then I kind of crashed a birthday bash (sorry & thank you!!) and I found lots of old friends I hadn’t seen in a while. Danced a little and laughed alot.

When the first place closed we all got the balloons from the bash. It was 02.30 in the morning and foggy in the streets. A group of like 30 of us was on our way to an after party. Suddenly this tall guy with dreads comes by with a big loudspeaker in his hands playing awesome soul music. So there we go – with maybe 100 pink balloons in the mist with loud music streaming. Like in a scene from a movie. Awesome.

Hope you’ll have a great week end!