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Hello friends! How are ya’ll? In March Jenny & I published a book called Rum För Kidsen translated a bit like Room for the kiddos/Cool kids rooms. Since this blog is mostly read by people outside of Sweden I thought it would be a great idea to ask you if you work in publishing or have any dear friends who could be interested to publish the book abroad? Or maybe you just know a great publishing house in your country you know someone who publish great books that you like – and we can talk to?

We have some contacts out but it would be fantastic to get some of your help as well – if you wanna?


Above you can see the chapter about how my (isabelles) kids rooms have changed 6 times in 7 years. And below is the text about the book by our Swedish publishers.

DIY the way kids like it!

Colourful, unexpected and cool are just three ways of describing the results when Isabelle McAllister gets involved in creating rooms for kids. This book is full of fun and quirky projects for children and their parents to work on together – from smart solutions for sharing rooms with siblings and customising a corner of your living space to easy-to-follow DIY projects and heaps of advice on colour, storage and lighting.

Isabelle McAllister is somewhat of an expert when it comes to creating spaces for kids and she has an extraordinary ability to communicate with children and see things from their perspective. Together with the photographer Jenny Brandt, she runs the popular blog Dosfamily, which has become a huge hit both in Sweden and internationally. Isabelle has also been a popular presenter on Swedish TV programmes such as Fixa rummet and Äntligen hemma.



We also have a chapter about playing and moving. It’s important for kids to move- they learn stuff more easily, they develop muscular memory and get more creative. So one chapter is how to make a room to get kids to move!


Storage, storage, storage. With kids you can’t have enough storage.


Mostly people find it hard to use colors. so I talk alot about how I see color and tips that I’ve learned to get a more colorful life.


We also have pages where we visit cool kids. They talk about their lives- what they like to do and what they think of the world.



Don’t limit the kids! The hulk says above. I think it’s important to make a room for a kid and not just a girl or a boy. Maybe the boy loves pink and want to play with dolls or a girl wants to be sporty. Think about giving the kids room to breath to be what they truly are not just who we think they should be.



I also talk about sharing a room. Tips and tricks. I even talk to a Psychologists about it. The pros and cons of sharing rooms.


And the book is filled with tips like this. How can you make a pirate bed without actually building a whole ship!

You can test read the book right here.

Or buy it right here!

Thank you!




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Julie VW
September 16, 2014 at 15:56


In Belgium you could try Lannoo maybe?
Good luck!

September 17, 2014 at 14:07

Great book!

I’m a publisher, bur specialized in picture books. You can try Kosmos in Holland:

October 7, 2014 at 10:35

In the UK try Ryland Peters & Small, they publish beautiful interiors and craft books. Their imprint, Cico, might suit you really well too. Good luck! I’d love to read your book in English. :)

September 26, 2015 at 02:54

Dear Isabelle and Jenny, i love your work and I am at least once a week on your website. I live in Germany and have been thinking about writing you to ask you to have your book published here. I could translate it if it is already available in English and help you to publish it here. Let me know if you need help. All the best, Jennifer