Couch makeover DIY

I bought this couch for our country place a couple of years ago and the color that used to be on it had bothered me for a long time. (Brownish you can see some of it here in this last photo). Normally this couch is by our kitchen table – love having a couch next to the kitchen. Easy to go into food coma right after eating or just staying there  for a long time reading the papers in the morning.


The paint I got at the Swedish artist Carl Larssons house Sundborn. It’s Beckers that have made a special paint collection with hues from his house. I don’t think you can buy them elsewhere. It’s a pity since the colors are fantastic. I never been into orange but this one I love and in his house the color is everywhere. Then I did this perfect shade of green, in between on the bars.

The seat I covered with a cotton carpet a bargain from the sales at Indiska this summer. The cushions are a mix. Two plain ones from Ikea, two from the fleamarket where I also found a old pink folk costume apron that i made into a cushion cover and a hanging woven tapestry that I also made into a cushion.

Here you can see photos from when I was at Sundborn – Carl larssons home! One of the most inspiring homes I know!

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September 25, 2014 at 09:42

What a nice result!!! I’m a fan of this red maybe because I’m fan of Carl Larsson ‘s colors used to.
Sundborn is on my list :)
Two years ago, I read a novel (“Sundborn ou les jours lumière”) by the French author Philippe Delerm that I loved very much. I don’t know if this novel has been translated…

Lena K.
September 25, 2014 at 13:59

Absolutely beautiful and very creative!! I love the mix of colors and patterns, all of which work together so well. I wish that paint were available elsewhere, too, but I probably could take the photo to a paint shop and get a color that’s very close, if not quite a perfect match.

I enjoy all the various posts on DosFamily, such as the heartfelt political commentary a few days ago. However, it was the pictures of rad DIY projects like this that first got me hooked and have me always coming back for more!

Jenny Brandt
September 26, 2014 at 08:35