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Selfie from week no. 29- Me swimming

My entire life as a grown-up I´ve been avoiding swimming. I´ve been a so called “Badkruka” (Swedish word for someone who sits on the beach while everyone else is in the water). I´ve had so many excuses: “I don´t feel like it”, “I forgot my bikini” or simply “The dog ate my bikini”

In June when the weather started to warm up for real I gave myself a very stern look in the mirror and told myself:
“Jenny Elisabeth Viola Brandt- your days as a “Badkruka” is over! this summer you are going to swim every time the opportunity is presented to you”

Jenny in the mirror tried to look away, mumbling something like “sure.. as long as I have my bathing suite.. you know sometimes I really do forget it..”
But the other Jenny wouldn’t have it and told me:
“Oh stop your whining- put you big girl (bikini) pants on and stop being such a baby”.

It has really worked out for me, and I´ve been swimming like never before.
And except for all the sand in my hair, bed and shoes it is really really nice.


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July 21, 2014 at 17:51

Hahahaha, you go girl!!!