Our girls



I’m designing some wallpapers for Mr Perswall that will come out in a month and we need some image shots for it. So Friday night me and Della flew down to Jenny’s for a weekend of work and play.


Just because me and Jenny is getting along is no guarantee that the girls are. Viola is one year older and they are both pretty strong willed and it’s been 1,5 years since they last seen each other but it took about 3 minutes in the car from the airport before they giggled so much the car shake. Fantastic!
They bonded again over this One Direction Shred video and mutual love for  Movie Star Planet.


These girls are wicked cool.


On Saturday Viola had a flea market with some other families. Della supported by buying stuff from Viola. So now we need to bring extra bags back home.


Big and smaller girls hanging with devices in between shots. I love working at Jenny’s with her. We are always in our PJ’s and all the props she got. So easy working.



I love that image of Viola in Black and white on the wall. And naturally the funky girl Della on one of Jenny’s 10 000 couches.


American pancakes on Sunday morning.


Everywhere at Jenny’s place I find small stuff that I have the same and just look at these two cazy cats.


Working day two. Today they where a bit bored so they tried to raise their wages. Their getting good at knowing what it’s worth for us – they collaborating…


And the bigger girl – Jenny in her living room/working space/studio/cat den/couch storage/library/eating corner all depending on which day you visit her!
She could be part of a modern kind of mad men at this desk. Mad women it is.

Thanks for having us!




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March 9, 2014 at 16:44

Fina bilder och coola tjejer! My little ponyslottet önskade jag mig mest av allt som liten. Såldes det?! Tack för bästa bloggen!

Isabelle McAllister
March 10, 2014 at 09:59
– In reply to: Malin

Thanks! Ja sån dröm ett sånt slott. Nej dem sålde inte slottet men nu vill Jenny göra något av det. Såklart.

March 10, 2014 at 11:20

Skulle också vilja ha en sån stor världskarta på väggen, finns den att köpa?

Isabelle McAllister
March 10, 2014 at 13:30
– In reply to: Anna

Anna tapetshopen säljer kartan!

March 10, 2014 at 20:04

Så jäkla coola tjejer!

March 11, 2014 at 03:50

Tack själva! För allt härligt pastelligt godis ni bjuder på! Djurmönstrat i komb. med prilliga glada vårfärger bländar verkligen på fotona. Och flickorna, så fina. Äpplena har nog inte fallit så långt ifrån päronträden ändå… ;)

Och go girls – vad det gäller “löneförhandlingarna”. Även om jag själv gärna hade tagit en pannkaksmorgon eller två, som betalning – any day.


Jenny Brandt
March 11, 2014 at 13:09
– In reply to: enannanhelena


Tusen tack för din support och dina alltid så trevliga kommentarer.