Yes it’s You Tube Monday!


I’ve seen some cool stuff this past week, hope you like it too!
In Stockholm we have winter sports vacation this week – let’s celebrate!

First out is this video of the Linda Pira Knäpper mina Fingrar REmix. (the image above is from the original track – see it here) She’s a Swedish rapper breaking it big last year and this remix is filled with crazy talented gal’s! Awesomness in it’s coolest form. Most of you that read this blog doesn’t speak Swedish but I still think you will enjoy this. Just feel the vibe and the girl power!

I also found this Huffington Post list with 25 must see documentaries on Netflix

I wanna watch them all but think I’ll start with The Bronies – about my little pony’s hardcore fans – a lot of them young male!

This one about making posters also seems fun. and Have you thought about it? The poster business is off the chain. Everyone wants them, makes them and sells them. Cool.

I always been crazy about modern dance – this seems to be a must!

Well I have to stop now otherwise I’m just copying the whole Huffington post list and that’s no point!

Jimmy “most likable guy ever” Fallon and Jusin Timberlake doing the history of Rap 5!
Well – how much do this guy’s work? I have so many questions, how much do they rehearse this? How much are they involved. Damn.


At last- this cat with a mohawk is for you Jenny!



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Jenny from DosFamily
February 24, 2014 at 15:35


I love your internet- updates.
i´m hopelessly behind on everyting.

Linda Pira however is always on in some room of our house- viola is a hard core fan.

And thanks for the cat. Can´t wait till Saba´s hair gets longer.

Isabelle McAllister
February 24, 2014 at 18:00
– In reply to: Jenny from DosFamily

Naw you just think you are! Your churchvillage is closer to the world than everyone thinks!

February 24, 2014 at 18:36

Broniesdukumentären är fantastisk!

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