Reposting some Valentine stuff

Do you remember this cute Valentines card that my nephew Henry made his mom?
You can read more about it here!

And if you need something lovely to listen to check out my Valentine list on Spotify below, from last year.

There is always music on in our house. Always. And with today being Valentine´s Day I want o play you our favorite love songs, every single one of these makes me think of you Jens.
Click here to listen to DOSFAMILYLOVE on Spotify

Hold Me – Fleetwood Mac  If I´m having a bad day I ask Jens to play me something. This song is one of my best “pick me up” songs.
The Light Is On – Christopher Cross.
Rideaux Lunaires – Chilly Gonzales
Thirteen – Obadiah Parker This is a classic in our house. Usually with Big Star, but I like this version as well..

Peg – Steely Dan. By far the most played artist in our house is Donald Fagen and his Steely Dan. LOVE these guys.
No looking Back  – Michael Mcdonald – What can I say. My knees get week from his soft voice.
Cloudbusting – Kate Bush
Sure Know Something –  Kiss
Pull Up To The Bumper – Grace Jones This reminds me of when Jens and I were expecting Viola , we played a lot of video games back then and this track was featured in GTA Vice City. Great game, great song and one outrageous women!)
Hey Nineteen – Steely Dan
River – Joni Mitchell 
This Must Be The Place- Talking Heads
This Charming Man – The Smiths. When Jens and I first met this was our soundtrack. You could say The Smiths has built the foundation for our life together.

Afternoon Delight – Starland Vocal Band
It Covers The Hillside – Midlake.

Edge of Seventeen – Steve Nicks
Holy Diver – DIO. Can Holy Diver really be a part of a Valentines list?  Yes. a) This is a song with lots of passion, and passion is perfect for Valentine´s and b) It is Jens favorite song of all time. It takes him back to the 80´s when he was in his boy room listening to Heavy Metal trying to figure out how to attach a saw blade to his clothes. Like this
One – Aimee Mann 



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Yaniss R Letechipia
February 14, 2014 at 18:56

I love this card is amazing and great list to listen.

Jenny Brandt
February 14, 2014 at 19:21
– In reply to: Yaniss R Letechipia

Yes its so fun.