So I went to Mexico for x-mas


This year we skipped what became the no show snowy Swedish X-mas and went to Mexico for two weeks. I have tons of photo’s and things to show you – just need to sort it all out a bit. Let’s start with a little introduction. Above is me and my wrestling crew sending some Merry x-mas love.

Always when traveling I’ve learned  that the first night I just have to give myself a break. With long travels, jet lag and just plain jitters my senses and judgments are not really up to a good standard. I try not to come to any quick decisions. This meaning I always tend to get a bit weepy, questioning what am I doing here? What awful weird hotel is this? Why didn’t I just stay at home etc. Just sleep one night and everything will be just fine the next day.
I mean come on how could I even doubt this great hotel with these huge beautiful lamps hanging in the trees the first night? It’s called Las Palapas and I’m gonna show you around later this week.

Normally after a long dark cold autumn in Sweden I’m usually totally bonkers. Tired and grumpy and so in need of vacation. But this year I had none of these symptoms. I was more questioning how I would be able to just chill and hang out for 2 weeks. But I got over that too.

There was 9 of us on this trip. Such a gang. Me, Erik and the kids, my mother in law Birgitta and Erik’s brother Robert with his wife and big kids Aron & Moa.  We all posted stuff on instagram under #marymx check it out here. It’s a great idea to let everyone on a trip use the same #. Mary is Birgitta’s late aunt who made this trip possible <3

My inlaws chillin’  They had the best veranda. The spot for us all to meet.

Rob is 2 years older than Erik but they became parents when they where 20 so the cousins are alot older than my kids. Beppe turned 4 on the day we left. Aron on the right is 16 and his big sis 23 and my mother in law 70. But we got along anyway. Age is but a number and so on…

It’s 7 hours time difference between Mexico and Sweden. Luckily it got dark early. Jet lag really knocked us out.

So when we woke up at 04.00 we still got great things to do!

Soon I will show you more!


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Jenny Brandt
January 8, 2014 at 09:41

Så härligt det ser ut!

January 8, 2014 at 23:11

Lucky you!!!!!!

January 9, 2014 at 09:42

å dom där fina killarna i sanden, vill ha på dom! å så allt de andra, AWESOME!