Mexico part 3 – the wrestlers

I always had a thing for the wrestlers. And with all these incredible masks – I mean who wouldn’t?

These guys came in a big pack with 12 of them. Badly made plastic toys. Actually found the whole story on the net. Toys from the past- Luchadores Mexicanos

I so regret NOT buying this kind’a shrine to the wrestling Gods. Amazing piece of work and art. But it cost a lot and would have been drag to get in one piece back home. Yes, excuses… Oh how I cry now.

But I did buy different of these masks with capes. Beppe was in heaven.

REy mistero & Beppes favorite Octagoncito

Mexico part 1
Mexico part 2– Tulum on the beach & some hotel tips.


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January 12, 2014 at 17:49

Ohhh, the shrine is perfect!