Mexico part 2 – Tulum public beach & Adelita

One day we took a bus to Tulum beach. About an hour from where we stayed in Playa Dela Carmen. Our town was a bit touristy and directly on the beach in Tulum we got another vibe. Just look at this extremely cool chica!

We had lunch at Adelita at the beach. It was great. I had the best coconut shrimps. Yum.

One day I need to live in a country where you don’t need walls and have swings in bars.


The public beach are up north by the Tulum ruins. We never went down south on the beach where all small hotels are. But I’ve heard it’s great. If I go again this will probably be the place. I’ve been recommended to stay at Casa Violetta, or rent Pablo Escobars old villa or why not Playa Azuls place, Luv  Tulum hotel is also supposed to be really good.

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Jenny Brandt
January 11, 2014 at 17:16

så jäkla härligt!

January 14, 2014 at 21:56

Lustigt. Tänkte jag måste kommentera, och skriva; så jäkla härligt. Så hade Jenny skrivit precis så