Watching paint dry with Grace Jones


Long time no see.
I´m sure you´ve all been a bit busy. This time of year seems to do that to people.

With December being so darn hectic I decided to create some “watching paint dry” moments for myself. The livingroom floor has been needing repainting for  a while and it gave me the perfect excuse. With 6 hours inbetween coats I have gotten so much done.

Like this:

I finally watched Swedish Tv miniserie Hinsehäxan. It was just like I had expecteed it to be- great!
Then I started reading Isabelle´s book recommendation: Cirkeln. Swedish smalltown teenagers who are witches. Yay! Great line up for a thrilling book.

For the last coat of paint I saved this gem.
Grace Jones legendary – One Man Show.
If you don´t have 45 minutes now you can tease yourself with a few clips:
The intro! Then jump to Grace´s clippity clop at 20.40 and then this 39.55

I´m crazy for her hit “Pull up to the bumper” (at 27) Everytime I play this song I want to play GTA vice city. Cause everytime I was out driving in Vice City. Even in a “drive by” I tuned into the radio station that used to play it.


The picture at the top of the post has nothing to do with Grace Jones but it shows off the floor before the paint job. /Jenny



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December 17, 2013 at 12:56

a lovely picture btw, the top one, I mean.
Frank is such a cutie!
and I love the colours, and the light, and actually I love it all!

Jenny Brandt
December 17, 2013 at 13:03
– In reply to: meg

Thanks Meg!