More on my El Coloring Book Ridiculoso

Today is the second day of my IndieGoGo campaign

We gained new confident in our project after getting some pre orders yesterday. So we made one more coloring sheet. The one above.

We need 2200 dollars to put this Coloring Book into production. and so far you lovely people have contributed with 464 dollars.
If you want to help us get this baby in production. You can pre order the book here!

If we don´t reach our goal we will take the money we raised and print enough books to cover the pre order demands.
AGAIN- EVERYONE WHO PRE ORDERS A BOOK WILL GET ONE! You can pre order the book here!



3 dollars “Pocket change” This is for you who just want to contribute to the project without receiving the damn coloring book
10 dollar “Instagram-love” A Thank You shout out to your instagram account. Don´t forget to tell me your instagram name @jennyfromdosfamily
17 dollar
“Lucky number 7” Delivered worldwide ONLY 7 available SOLD OUT!!!!!
20 dollar “The Coloring Book”  Delivered inside Sweden only.
25 dollar “The Coloring Book” Delivered worldwide
35 dollar The Coloring Book + Personal note Delivered worldwide
150 dollar “Become a coloring sheet” We will trace one photo that you send us. A PDF will be sent to your email. For you to print.
1000 dollar  “Become a coloring sheet”- DELUX
Same as above but have me take your picture. Come to my house and let me take your picture. Then we will trace the photo -turning it into a coloring sheet. A PDF will be sent to your email. For you to print.


Party on!
View my promotion video here!


PS: Why is it called Ridiculoso?
This is why!