life, you know

When I think about all the stuff that can happen to my kids I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a VERY thin line between me just holding my breath going on with every day life and actually being put in a mental institution. I manage just fine. But some days are harder than other. Right now I’ve got the feeling that there is a lot of sickness and death just lurking around the corner.

I’m hearing about friends of friends being diagnosed with terrible stuff. A dear teacher to my kids just passed away and stories of life are filling my Instagram and Facebook feed. And I keep on holding my breath.

Maybe is the age, soon being 40. Maybe there is more cancer in the world? Maybe I’m just more open to it at the moment. I got home this afternoon and read this story – about a husband who photographed his wife through her being sick with breastcancer. Very beautiful and totally devastating images. I sat in front om my computer and cried my heart out.

But hard times also pull people together. I find that me and my friends talk more about our fears, feelings and hardship.
And a couple of weeks ago an Instagram feed got mobilized and helped a couple get away on a trip. The husband has terminal cancer and she just expressed her wish of being able to get away for a couple of days, she didn’t ask just stated a fact. Within hours enough money was raised so the couple could get away on a short trip. They left the following day for Amsterdam. It was so beautiful to watch and being part of. Sad story but lovely in the way mankind somehow joined forces.

I’m also following Humans of New York on Facebook.  There was this post about I guy who told his story about how he and his wife adopted a kid from Ethiopia and he told us the whole story. They where now longing to adopt the brother. Within hours some sort of crowdfunding  was started, the goal was reach after 60 minutes and they doubled their goal just hours after that. Amazing.

This lady, who’s trapezing, doing yoga and dancing tango at 90 – I’ll try to follow. If I’m lucky enough. This pre-surgery dance also made me feel good.

Take care of your good things, good friends, good co workers and good love out there! Shove the rest!





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November 8, 2013 at 13:41

all i can say…here´s the same.
but as you say…all the bad and sad things brings people together. nearer.
i want to hold my loves a little stronger and longer and cuddle them a little more.
more goodnight kisses and lots more laughter.
just being happy and thankful of every breath we can take.
however it may be.
thanks for that post, dear isabelle and sorry for my english.
i hope you understand what i mean…well…you already said it with your words above!

kisses to you and your family!

Melissa@Julia’s Bookbag
November 8, 2013 at 20:11

sweetheart! i feel the same way. a friend from my childhood has stage 4 colon cancer and a 2 yr old child. it’s so awful. I feel so many days like I never want to get out of bed. but I have learned to just kind of shut that part of my brain off and just keep moving forward.


November 10, 2013 at 09:35

I so feel the same, and have just turned 40 so maybe it’s some kind of awakening??? Blahh,it drives me nuts those fleeting thought of ” terrible” things . I just try to waft them away as best as possible and hug the kids instead xxxx