Quick update

Last week have been wicked beautiful. I have so much stuff showing you and this is just to say get prepared for now I’m going to blog every day. No more no time for Dosfamily. But life’s been spinning quite fast the last couple of weeks. Yesterday I sat on a train for 8 hours for some meetings down south of Sweden. Oh my I got so much work done. With a bad thelephone line and slow internet – I did a weeks work during those hours. Maybe I need to book myself a train ride – once a week. Go for lunch in different parts of Sweden and then back? Splendid idea. Today I’m going to present mine and Jenny’s big project we have been working on for the past months to a bunch of marketing people. Stoked about it! I hate not beeing able to tell you about it yet but it’s part of the game we are playing. Oh what else is happening… Jenny is buying second hand cupboards instead of Sofas. And my toilet started flooding again. Grosse. Well gotta go now!

Have a great day!

Look at this woman’s project. So clever and great!


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Jenny Brandt
October 16, 2013 at 10:35

Oh Man Isabelle! I cant wait for yr blog bonanza!!

and.. hmm your right cabinets have become the new sofa.