Our house this morning- cozy and quite scary

Good Morning Isabelle!

I hope you are having a really scary Halloween morning at your cabin today.

I´m still fighting off my cold but other then that we are fine.
Jens and I are sitting next to each other, working as usual. Jens is making a client of his look like a zombie. I´m writing you and Viola is playing The Sims on the other side of the table. She has the sound on so I know that she just killed off one Sim called Oliver so his wife Marina could go marry another sim called Jean Baptiste. ( That´s it! No more Days Of Our Lives for Viola!)

You asked if I have read the Divergent Trilogy yet. I´m afraid not, but I will! Glad some of our readers can talk to you about it. I know the feeling when you´ve read or watch something with a thrilling ending that you just have to talk to someone about.

Speaking of thrilling. Jens got me this movie “The Visitor”.
Jenny this movie has everything that you like plus it´s from 1979, your birth year Honey!”

And just like Jens felt he wanted to show it to me I feel I want to show it to you. You might already know it but it was new to me.
The trailer makes me want to drop everything, brew some coffee, crawl under a blanket and watch it.

“The Mount Everest of insane 70´s italian movies” will return to Theaters in the Us this Halloween. You lucky Americans. See full list here!